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17th-Sep-2016 03:19 am - What I've been up to lately.
Hi everybody, probably only Nei, I was talking to her and whenever I talk to Nei it always make me think of livejournaling deep into the night, also fangirling of course. so it's 1:50am and I feel like livejournaling. I just finished watching Harry Potter :D

So here goes, what I've been up to lately;
I've been doing videos on YouTube lately, kind of in a "Let's Play" format, just having fun with it. I took a break to try and start figuring out editing, since there's always boring parts that should be edited out.
Here's my channel link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzHYY5rnoFW4lk6HKrxdMAA

I just finished upgrading my PC, I put a new case, and a new video card in it, and a friend was selling his old monitors on mounts so I have his 2 21 inch monitors hooked up along with my one big 28 inch monitor and I also hook up my 40 inch TV, so I can have all the screens! It's ridiculous, and makes me laugh when I think about it. I spent too much, the video card was 400, both monitors together were only 100 bux, which is less than the price of the mounts so that's cool. Never mind the other stuff, now that I have a computer than can play all the latest games I have no money for any of them.

Now to the hard part of this post, how I've been feeling;
A few months ago I started some new immune suppressants, trying to get my Crohn's disease under control, they kind of worked for a month, then haven't really helped much since, I've gotten used to them now though and I'm still working towards getting things controlled.

2 months ago because of having a weak immune system and possibly stress I got shingles, which if you don't know you can get it if you've had chicken pox. I've been really sick before but that was the worst I've felt, I was always tired, the rash that you get affected my head and forehead, and even went into the white of my right eye, which is the only eye I have sight in, so that was scary, I had to check it out with the eye doctor a about 4 times, I also had a trip to Vancouver in the beginning of that by the time I left I was so sensitive to light that I curled up in my room for a full week, laying with a cold wet cloth on my eye, not even able to watch tv or play on my phone or computer because that was too bright. After a week I had to go back to work because self employment sucks. driving in the sunlight wasn't fun. took a full month for that light sensitivity to go away and even now my head still itches. Apparently I caught this in time to take the drugs to make it heal faster so I can't imagine it being worse but it can be, I also could have went blind.

I find myself still having bad days emotionally, I just find it so hard to feel motivated now. This comes back to losing Noah, and maybe even a bit of Olivia leaving. Those were such motivating factors in my life, I had to go to work, I had to make meals, I had to keep things in order, because those people were depending on me. Now I feel like there's nothing pushing me in my life. I just feel like I don't care about anything some days. I think that's part of losing purpose, now I just need to find a new one.

My life is forever changed, it's a lot emptier now, the things that used to fill it up are gone and nothing will take their place. I'm grateful for my friends because even though I've been avoiding leaving the house or being social, I know my friends are amazing people, that are always there for me.

I've been writing in a notebook journal, but I think I might start blogging again, and maybe a video blog sometime. writing makes me happy, it's like talking to a friend, when it's too hard to say the words.

It's 3:20am now so time for sleep.
15th-Aug-2014 06:20 pm - old friends

So the other night My best friend AJ added me after us not being friends for awhile, she's going through what seems to be heck in her life, I think she's getting messages a lot by a lot of her friends worried about her. I'm trying to give her space even though I just want to talk and laugh with her like old times, I think judging from her tumblr posts she's linked she's attempted suicide or very close, she's getting help now though which is helping. When we stopped being friends I worried like crazy about her, I hope she can get better and cast off the mental cancer through whatever it takes. Her place in life is to be a beautiful flame, I don't want it to go out. She's always inspired me to be the best I can be, I wish I had her guts.
I'm happy, I love all my friends though since having Noah and getting married I feel like I barely talk to them, I really do love everyone who calls me a friend and if you're reading this you're amazing :)

13th-Mar-2012 08:59 am - iPhone livejournal

Hey I got an iPhone and he lj app, maybe I'll start posting again. I can be interesting, being a dad takes up all my time and Olivia basically took over my puter but now I have an iPhone and that works just as well as a computer. Anyway I'll try and be around maybe.

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21st-Jan-2011 12:47 am - Baby, I has one.
So on december 19th at 7:54pm My gf olivia Had a baby, and he's ours :D
there was lots of drama with him, but he's the best baby ever <3

see pictures for now on my facebook account http://www.facebook.com/caleb.hiebert I'll upload some here later as well as tell the whole, dramatic and awesome stoy that taught me the true meaning of life the universe and everything. but i need o work tomorrow and i'msleepy. hopefuly i get off my ass and use my lj tomorrow.

love ya all. I've been reading your posts but not often sorry babies take lots of time DX lol but worth it :D
28th-Nov-2010 11:02 pm - big day today
Hosted a massive baby shower with like 18+ (not people over 18 but 18 or more people lol it wasn't some weird adult party lol) people in our small apartment. there was tons of food, and games and people. there was a ton of cute presents, like a "Baby Crying Analyser", which is supposed to tell you why the baby is crying, tons of cute baby clothes, and diapers and a diaper genie II which is supposed to keep the used diapers from smelling up the room.
We bought sandwiches and crackers and meats and cheese and fruits and veggies, and all sorts of stuff, a girl who was helping brought a cake that looked like a baby stroller, it was awesome.
I feel weird for having such a big party though. fortunately I'm pretty comfortable with people I barely know, and I had a bunch of my friends there too.
Now it's me and the girly friend just kinda sitting relaxing a bit before bed, she's a real anal-retentive person and everything has to turn out just how she wants or she freaks out. So doing this was a pain in the ass but it was fun and she stopped stressing so much.

(side note: I was jealous of everyone eating the sandwiches and the meat for crackers, since i can't eat meat without feeling really sick. though I'm looking at getting in to see a specialist to adjust my drugs and maybe try out some new ones. So I could base my diet around things i like rather then just eating what doesn't make me feel like shit.)

But bedtime :O and Hi to people, because I never update.

so far our baby names top two are ronin and also Noah I like Noah a bit more, i wish olivia wasn't ridiculous wanting the baby to have the same middle name as her dad, I'm not at all a traditionalist I like things to be oridginal, though if we where having a girl I'd totally wanna name her Hitomi lol
25th-Nov-2010 09:24 pm(no subject)
So inspirational music, is needed i think. Any Ideas?
random lj update, holla :D
16th-Aug-2010 12:44 pm - oh herro
So a lot has been happening in the Caleb and Olivia world. Firstly it's not just the Caleb world anymore, Olivia and I are still going out she's like really pregnant :D I'm generally excited about it. I always thought I'd never want or have kids but well this is the first one, and it's pretty awesome, we found out a few weeks ago it's going to be a boy, so that's even more exciting :D.
I just unpacked my old toshiba laptop it's kinda cool to be back on it. there's ton's of photobooks and yossi fandom on it. oh the good old days of having time for obsessions.
I recently started running with the Couch to 5k program, it's pretty fun I missed yesterday's run, but went swimming instead so hopefully i can make up for that today.
I miss livejournal, I pop in and read a bunch of everyone's post's and I hope everyone is well.
Well I should start helping the Olivia do some house work. I'll try and update more, miss you all tons.
23rd-Mar-2010 12:22 am - Writer's Block: Countdown
If a catastrophe struck and you had to leave your home in a hurry (and never return), what items would you grab in your last ten minutes, and why?

besides all the stuff i keep in my pockets which i'm assuming I'd have because I'm totally going to put pants on; I'd grab my guitar, my laptop, and my girlfriend ^^ I love how she was an after thought :P
21st-Feb-2010 02:33 pm - oh neglected live journal
so sunday is upon us, and that means finally the canadian's vs. the U.S. in olympic hockey <3, I can't wait :D
so lately i haven't been doing much, but work, guitar, and i started http://www.hundredpushups.com program, I just finished week 2 now on tuesday i need to do an exhaustion test, meaning i have to see how many i can do before i can't do anymore. i'm hoping for at least 35, but we'll see.
in other news it's shinya's or mary's b-day so have a good one, being 16 is awesome XD now drive me places XD
sorry i have barely posted in the last while, i'm just a flake, but i've been reading your entries and also add me on facebook I always update there cheezewheel@hotmail.com if you really miss me lol
10th-Jan-2010 11:22 pm - neglected journal much?
yes, update tomorrow though with pictures.
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