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String's Attached

mmmm blood

15 January 1982
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I'm Caleb, my friends are the most important thing to me. I own my own place a live alone, I may be a bachelor, but I'm not a slob, I keep my place clean, and I cook, and bake as much as I can. I'm a vegetarian, and a nice guy, but I'm no push over, but I'm not an jerk either. I respect other people, if they don't respect me, I'll still respect them I just don't have to like them.
I play acoustic guitar I've been playing about a year My Guitar is a Martin & co. DCX1RE (i love it so much)and i just started Lessons, Lesson's rock don't let anyone tell you different. I plan o buying an Electric soon I'm hoping for a Les Paul but i have decided quite yet, but that's at the top of the list for now.
neitaro did my layout she's amazing <33